Korea prewedding – Sum studio

Sum Studio

RODA by Sum

Sum Studio’s Korea prewedding photos are amazingly romantic. 100% ofCouples are satisfied with the studio’s quality and services. They have 4 buildings of indoor studio set. The sets are beautifully built only for korea prewedding photo shoot. a small water pool garden is indoor, you can take the shot all around year. Also, they have a garden for outdoor photo shoot too. You will be surprised by the scale of the studio, and you will be amazed by their shooting skills.

The most busy season for this studio is spring ( april – may) for cherry blossoms scenes. Their natural cherry blossom scene which is located just right outside of the studio. Of course they have indoor cheery blossom sets to use as background for photo all year round too. Their Autumn scenery is great for red leaf scene too. Because they have large sets of studio on both indoor and outdoor, you can have romantic photos all year round with slightly different concepts for each season.