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Scent Studio

My First Lady by Scent

Scent studio in the heart of Gangnam district puts scents of bride and groom in every Korea prewedding photos they make. They believe their photos contain bride and groom’s romantic scents like magic. Photographers of Scent studio will make sure you and your partner to have natural smile from the beginning of the Korea prewedding photo shoot session to the end. This studio will take your wedding photo with artificial lights mostly through the whole session. As you can see from the sample photos below, they use light techniques on many background sets. Most of studios don’t like to have night scene packages but this studio accept night scenes on their rooftop.Most of our brides love the shot with flying veil on the rooftop. The original photo would not be that good, but they do very good job on editing thr rooftop scene. Their concept is ‘my first lady’ – meaning the most of the photos are focused on brides. Of course they don’t mean that they will not focus on grooms, but as always, most of Korean wedding photos’ main feature is brides. their new samples below show how they make couples smile in front of camera and focus on the brides.