Korea prewedding – Ephoto Essay studio

Ephoto Essay Studio

Taking Korea prewedding photo in Ephoto Essay will be like a little travel to a romantic park. It is located outskirt of Seoul. Because it is not in Seoul, the scale of the studio is much bigger than other studios in Seoul. They have indoor and outdoor set of variety style. Their airplane set and a school bus set is very popular to many couples. Just let you know,,, the plane doesn’t fly. They provide very different themes every seasons. Ephoto Essay has a backyard of a river flowing. It would make Korea prewedding photos look very different in every season. As you can see below pictures, there are huge ice scene. The ice is not FAKE. Also the picture of a couple crossing the river scene. It is taken from Ephoto Essay’s backyard.

Both Express and Full packages are available for this studio. As you can see from samples below their photos are all focus on couple’s lovely moment in huge sets of backgrounds and huge nature.

Would you like to go journey with your partner to a Huge studio which makes your photos lovely and romantic ever?